March 5, 2010


Just dropping by to say thank you to all my fans and supporters and yes even haters and ok-okers. Yes I love you all. Thank you silent readers and active commentors. Thank you frequent visitors and occasional droppers-by.

No, I'm not dying :) Just overwhelmed with gratitude for all the blessings in my life. There is absolutely no reason for God to be good to me, but He just is. Regardless of what kind of response it elicits, whether it is love, hate, disgust, amusement, disagreement or disbelief, there is absolutely no reason why you should care for the stuff I write, ponder on what I say or listen to the songs I sing. But you do. And for this, I thank you :)


afif=shafie said...

aramai ti!!!


I am excited to hear your new I'm memorizing hawa...owh...can you publish your hawa karoake vid on youtube?