January 24, 2009

HAWA is at a music store near you!

Hello Nikkilodeans!

Do go get your copy of HAWA now! It was out in the market on 28th December last year. However, I didn't announce it here at my blog for fear that the stocks might arrive late. But stocks arrived just in time and now I am proud to announce that HAWA can be found at a music store near you for the price of RM25. Or thereabouts, depending on which store you purchase it from.

Three copies left at Victoria Music Centre, Sungei Wang Plaza.

And five copies left at Rock Corner, Mid Valley. Try the various other Rock Corners all over the country e.g. Bangsar, 1U and Subang Parade.

And here's a special surprise for fans. When you insert the CD into your laptop or pc, you'll discover that we've also included 3 wallpapers for you, FREE OF CHARGE!

If you love Nikki, go to a music store near you today and get a copy of HAWA. Nikki worked very hard on this album and it will put a smile on her face if you showed her your love and support. If your store hasn't got it, DEMAND FOR IT IMMEDIATELY. The more you bother the shopkeeper, the more he will place orders for it.

Go on, show me your love. Buy HAWA today!

And if you've bought HAWA, take a picture of yourself holding the CD and email it to me and I'll post it here at the blog!

If you're on FaceBook, have you added Nikki to your INFO? Become a fan. Search for Nikki Palikat at FaceBook.

Happy holidays everyone! And to my Chinese fans, A VERY BRIGHT, PROSPEROUS, HEALTHY AND PEACEFUL YEAR AHEAD!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!