October 28, 2009


A friend of mine who watched the Selamat Tinggal MV (Cinta Lelong OST) remarked that I looked too ethnic.

Hmmm. I wonder what that was supposed to mean?

Makeup too light? Undeniable. The producer wanted simple and clean, having it overdone would take away from the feel of the song. Lighting too dim? Perhaps. But I believe that was the mood they were going for for this video. But ethnic?

Then it occurred to me. Maybe it looks ethnic because I am ethnic. And there's nothing wrong with that. I'm proud of my facial features that make me look that distinctively Asian, specifically Kadazandusun. I like my angular facial structure, the high cheekbones, the wide nose, the eyes upturned at the corners, the short chin. It's ok that I'm not fair-skinned either. I don't have to attempt bleaching it with the various skin-whitening products that are widely available, nor do I have to paint on a layer of white with foundation. I'm proud of the traits that make me this ethnic Dusun girl from Sabah. It is who I am, anyway.

And so I googled pictures of Kadazandusun girls, wanting to see what ethnic looked like.