May 13, 2010

Today I went for an interview with Modelle Magazine. Check 'em out...

So what impressed me most was the fact that they, unlike most beauty and fashion magazines out there, are not obsessed with that "westernized" idea of beauty. If you take the time to read their "about", they are very interested in promoting the beauty of women who look "real".

I do not understand the ways of us Malaysian women sometimes...why are we so obsessed with fair skin? Then on the other side of the world we have Caucasians who risk skin cancer for the sake of getting a tan.

Why do we not appreciate the black of our hair, the almond shape of our eyes and the yellow undertones of our skin? Perhaps we feel we look better as blondes? Perhaps we are convinced that the double-eyelid is a compulsory beauty accessory? Perhaps if we slathered on some more whitening cream and pink-based foundation that was light-reflective so we would appear fairer, we would be more attractive too? I look around and I see so much beauty in us Asians. But apparently what I see is not the same as what most people see.

Yup. I watched ZEE AVI's AIM performance. I never noticed any red lipstick stains on her teeth. Perhaps I was distracted with her song and her talent. But apparently that was all most of her fellow Malaysians could talk about. Isn't that typical? We finally have a Malaysian in the international music scene, and all we can talk about is her lipstick-stained teeth. Sigh.

In other news, the first practice I had with the other SHOUT! musical cast made me realize one thing: it is time to learn music theory.